Fall trimester – week 1

It’s confirmed, I still hate math. Last week was the first of fall trimester, so I’ve now experienced a week of two of my classes. The third is only a 6 week class and don’t start for a few more weeks. I have now confirmed that I’m going to be miserable until calculus is over, and technical communications will be 15 weeks of busywork. How’s this for busywork? For next week I have to write 2 papers to email to my professor, write summaries of them to post to the class bulletin board, and then read other students summaries and post comments and generally discuss them. At least in calculus I’ll be learning something useful while I’m suffering.

I actually do see the value in all of the math classes that are required of CS majors, but that does not make them enjoyable. I have to admit that I have learned something in each of my classes that helps the “big picture” come together, so I can see how my education would be lacking without them. The majority of the MIS, IT, and Digital Communications majors I talk to at school say them chose their major over CS to avoid the math, and maybe it was a good choice for them, but I’m happier with Computer Science.

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