Schools out for good!

Last weekend was my graduation ceremony. I now have a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science. I think it’s pretty cool, but now I have some serious thinking to do about my career.

I should have worked to complete my degree immediately after high school, but I wasn’t really interested in it at the time. I attended community college for a couple years, but never finished. The funny part of my not completing my time at community college is that I was originally majoring in whatever their computer programming degree was at the time. I took a class on systems analysis where the professor told us all that with our education we would all end out with IT jobs working for one of the major insurance companies or banks that have big offices here in Columbus, Ohio. Knowing that there was absolutely no way I wanted to spend my life working at that type of company, I changed my major and within a short period of time had given up on finishing even an associate’s degree. So today, 15 or so years, I find myself completing graduating as an adult, with a degree in Computer Science, and having worked for about eight years in IT for one of the banks I wanted to avoid so much, and now hoping a computer related degree will get me out of the same job I once feared it would lead me to.

Last week I had an initial interview with a really small company that seems to have a good idea for a suite of products that should fill a need in a fairly large niche market. This week I have a second interview, this time with the president of the company. This seems to be the kind of opportunity I have been hoping for; a company small enough that I can feel like my contribution is significant to their success, and with a business plan that seems to be well thought out and likely to succeed. There are a lot of details that attract me to this company, and if I was younger I would definitely be ready to jump at the chance to be an early part of a growing technology company like this. But when I was younger I also didn’t have a wife and son who relied on me. I’m leaning towards accepting if they make a good offer, but I have a lot more to consider now than I did a few years ago.

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