Mac Home and End key behavior

During the first few days of using a Mac at home I had a few frustrating periods of confusion when discovering things work differently than what I expected.

For example, on a Mac the home key takes you to the beginning on the document you have open and the end key takes you to the end of the document. The Mac zealots who stuck with Apple through the bad years and never spent much time using Windows, KDE, Gnome, CDE, or any other windowing system might think this is normal, but to anyone who has used anything other than a Mac (that I know of, at least) for the last 15 years or so will find this behavior to be unexpected. It’s not so much that the way it works is unintuitive; it does make as much sense as the other interpretation of what home and end mean. It’s just not what people expect after getting used to other systems. What is not intuitive is the keystroke needed to perform the action these keys would perform on other systems. To go to the beginning or end of the current line you need to use the Command key with the left or right arrow. Apple may promote that their stuff “just works” but without my friend Google to help me figure this out I’d still think Apple had not implemented an easy way to do it.

This kind of thing does work the other way as well. Now when I am using my PC at work I frequently try to double click on the title bar of documents to minimize them to the taskbar, only to see the window maximize to full screen instead.

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